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Ticket Order

Because we do not have a Secure Server (yet),

we can not receive Credit Card numbers.  If you

wish to pay by credit card, please use the phone

number (810 750-2200)  Thanks you



Phone:   (should we have any questions)
E-Mail:  (to send confirmation of request)
Number of Adult Tickets ($12 each)
Number of Senior Tickets ($10 each)
Number of Student Tickets ($10 each)
Number of Child Tickets ($6 each)
Date of performance:

Comments  (and/or mailing address)

(if you would like the tickets mailed to you, please include the address in the comment)

After submitting the request, please click the 

"Add to Guestbook"  

button that appears to confirm the order


Then select the

"Back to Royal Court"

button to return to our home page


Royal Court Productions is a ministry arm of 

Faith Fellowship Ministries